Renovation of the Train 2014-2015 finished

Monks and volunteers of Sunnataram Forest Monastery have been renovating the 100 year old train since July 2014.

we constantly recycle all building materials and reuse furniture that people have thrown away to make the train beautiful. We replaced the rotten ceiling, internal and external walls, windows, and put a new roof to cover the whole train. All materials are the second hand. Luong Po Sawat, Phra Maha Chanchai and Phra Wittaya did excellent work in laying laminated flooring to replace the old carpet. The train has 4 bunk beds from the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and two second hand single beds. With new paint and a new hardwood deck, the train looks brand new.  Now we are now installing a 10,000 litre water tank and a water pump.  We would like to rejoice with all support and many thanks to all who participated to finish this project. May great happiness and success be with us all. Sadhu.

Please see more photo in Gallery 2015/ Renovation of the Train