People will learn how to do sitting & walking meditation, and gentle mindful exercise. All teachings, Q&A are conducted in English.

The Buddhist teachings in the retreat will include Pali chanting with English translation, Mindfulness with breathing (Anapanasati), Loving-kindness (Metta) meditation and Vipassana meditation.

The monastery is situated in 100 acres of bushland on the outskirts of a small town, Bundanoon, and next to the Morton National Park. In this beautiful natural setting, we are able to offer people outdoor meditation sessions and Dhamma talks which enhance their Dhamma practice.  People must practise mindfulness in all activities i.e. drinking, eating, taking shower etc.


Thai vegetarian food is served during the retreat. 


Accommodation is dormitory style, with some private huts, and separate for males and females. All meditation retreats are silent.


The success of our retreats at Sunnataram Forest Monastery is due to the combination of many factors.


Firstly, we have monks who are willing to teach and set a good example in their Dhamma practise. They can speak English and they are keen to learn how to adapt Buddhism to the Australian culture. They are adaptable, enthusiastic and gifted in creating teaching tools and new techniques to help people understand the Dhamma.


Secondly, we select only people who are genuinely willing to study the Dhamma, and with a strong commitment to participate in the retreat. People who want to join the retreat need to lodge their application forms, with details of their health and meditation experience, at least 7 days in advance.


With this information, email confirmation and phone conversation, we are able to advise suitable retreats for each individual.


Thirdly, we put a lot of effort into making people feel very welcome. Our preparation of the monastery for each retreat is very important, including cleanliness, warmth from open fires and nourishing food. Monks and volunteers spend a week cleaning all sleeping accommodation, meditation halls, pathways for walking meditation, and other facilities. We are very  fortunate to have a very kind volunteer cooking team to prepare Thai vegetarian meals for the retreat participants.